Ukadiche Modak । Steamed Modak Recipe

Ukadiche or steamed modak is a sweet dish made specially during Ganesh Chaturthi. Lord Ganesha loves these modak so we offers it as a Prasad during Ganapati. Modak doesn’t need large ingredient list, it just required jaggery, rice flour and coconut. The Modak recipe is easy, just the shaping step is little-bit difficult and time consuming. But you can make […]

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Mysore Pak Recipe | How To Make Mysore Pak at Home

Mysore Pak is a delicious, light weight, aromatic and porous texture sweet dish. The city of origin is Mysore and it is the most popular dish over there. The making of mysore pak is easy if you follow exact steps given here. You need to understand the procedure first. Ingredients used are just besan, ghee and sugar. Just some practice […]

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