Chocolate Sauce

Read Chocolate Sauce In Marathi Ingredients: 2 tsp drinking chocolate 3 tsp sugar 1 tsp corn flour 2 cup milk butter Recipe: Add Corn flour, drinking chocolate and little milk. Mix well.  Heat pan and add rest of milk and sugar in it. Once boiled, add the chocolate corn flour mixture to it.  Stir continuously. When sauce thickened, turn off […]

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Chilli Sauce (Green)

Read Chilli Sauce (Green) In Marathi Ingredients: 20 green chillies 1 inch ginger 1 cup vinegar 1 tp salt 1/2 tp ajinomoto Recipe: Remove seeds from chillies and soak them in little vinegar atleast for 1 hour. Fine grind salt, chillies and ginger. Dissolve the mixture into remaining vinegar. Cook the mixture over high heat till it thickens a bit.  […]

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