Raw Banana Kebab Recipe

Banana can be eaten in various forms. It can be eaten in the form of chips, Sheera, kacchya kelyachi bhaji and many more. Nowadays there are plenty raw bananas available in the market. You can make delicious raw banana kebabs or raw banana cutlet which can eat along tea or have as a snack with your favorite chutney. You can […]

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Ratalyache Spicy Kaap | Crispy Sweet potato Kaap

Ratale or sweet potato normally eats during upvas or fast. Sweet potato is loaded with nutrients and antioxidents. Ratale can be eaten simply by boiling or you can make sweet or spicy kaap of ratale. Here first we make spicy sweet potato kaap. Read Ratalyache Kaap in Marathi Cooking Time : 20 minutes Servings : 2 Ingredients : 1/2 ratale […]

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