About me

“Food blogger, a traveller, a mom with a full time job”.

Well, I guess a lot of you know what I do as a profession where my passion lies (no prizes for cooking….errrr.. I mean guessing!). But not many among you truly know Who I am. Come, find out!

Work background

I primarily work as a Search Engine Optimizer. My role is to get websites placed on the first page of Google search results. Needless to say, it requires lots of hard work, yet is a lot of fun. I have to stay updated on the latest technical fundamental changes in Google search and tailor my services accordingly.

Childehood Journey

From my childhood, I have also wanted to become a chef and serve people by cooking different types of dishes, meals and desserts, etc. But as it turned out, I went into a completely different field. After completing my study, I got a good job and things were going smooth. But the feeling of ‘something is missing’ was loomed large in my mind.


It goes without saying that I am passionate about trying different recipes at home and delight my loved ones with myriad flavors, tastes and textures. Whenever I get the time, I rush into the kitchen to do something now. Cooking for me is as much a way of life as it is a mixture of art and science.

My First blog

The feeling of ‘missing something’ prompted me to begin this blog. I began my first recipe blog, somewhere around in 2012 (Hence the question, if you know me :)). I started out with easy to make and understand dishes. With time, I was able to hone my skill set in preparing almost any kind of dish using an array of ingredients.


I am from a strict vegetarian family. When I got married to my husband, who hails from a non-vegetarian family, I started eating and loving non-veg dishes as well. I make it a point to cook all dishes at home for my family and friends, whenever possible. I do not prefer buying food from outside (except for those rare occasions when we go out for dinners). My loved ones seem to adore all non-veg dishes made by me, thankfully! They always demand (yes, demand ) something new and different on Sundays or holidays.

Annapurna – My favourite book. 

I love reading. I have the book “Annapurna” book (Old and new version) at home. During my early days, I used to take references from that; I still do. I have joined many classes since then and plan on enrolling into another. I continue to read cookery and books, whenever I get the time.

I also enjoy watching cooking-based shows, sharing recipe ideas, tips. My goal is to share my hobby, my passion – my recipes – with as many people as I can. The recipes here are unique in that they are easy to make and healthy.

Hope you enjoy your stay here and share the good news.

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