About me

“Food blogger, a traveller, a mom with a full time job”.

Well, i guess you all know me. If not, then read the story to get to know Who i am.

Work background

I work as a Search Engine Optimizer. My role is to get websites on Google 1st page. It requires lots of hard work. I have to stay updated on latest Google changes.

Childehood Journey

From my childhood, i wanted to become a chef, cook different type of dishes, etc. But due to some reasons, i went into completely different field. I completed my study, got a good job. All was going smooth. But the feeling of ‘something missing’ was continuously running into my mind.


I would like to tell you that, i am very much passionate about trying different recipes at home. Whenever i get time, i go to the kitchen to do something.

My First blog

Hence i decided to fill the ‘missing’ feeling. And started my first recipe blog, somewhere around in 2012 (Hence i asked, if you know me.. :)). I started with easy dishes. And now i can make any dish based on different ingredients.


I am from Vegetarian family. I got married to my husband, who is from non-vegetarian family. I started eating and loving non-veg, too. I try to cook all dishes at home for my family. I do not prefer food from outside (rare cases, we go to hotels for dinner). My family & friends loves non-veg dishes made by me. They always demand to cook something different on Sundays or holidays.

Annapurna – My favourite book. 

I love reading. I have “Annapurna” book(Old and new version) at home. I used to take references from that. I have joined many classes and planning to enrol into one more. I continuously read cook books, though i didn’t get much time to.

I like watching cookery shows, sharing recipe ideas, tips. My goal is to share my hobby, my passion, my recipes to as many people as i can. The recipes here are easy to make and healthy.

Want to spend more time on blog

Due to my busy schedule, i couldn’t manage to work regular on my blog. I am planning to get a part time job, so that i invest more time into this.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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